Self help - winter colds and flus - from my article in Feel Well Health Directory, November 2011

Why do we become vulnerable to colds and flu, especially during the winter months? What is going on with our immune systems? What can we do to help?

If our general level of health is strong due do a natural good inheritance we can consider ourselves fortunate indeed. Such lucky individuals can adapt to weather changes without ill effect. They may succumb to a flu once every two or three years and usually get over it easily and completely with some rest and a little chicken soup. Their immune systems are now updated with the latest mutated flu bug. The ability to adapt to changing life situations, environments and seasons without becoming ill is one of the great benefits of having a good working defense mechanism.

But health is not a level playing field. Even with a good lifestyle: eating healthily, taking moderate regular exercise, avoiding smoking and too much alcohol, taking drugs, etc., getting our general health up to a level where we stop getting colds and ‘flus several times a year, or even every winter, is something that requires the use of dynamic medicine. This can be accomplished by visiting a Classical Homśopath before acute illness strikes, or when it is over, to get a single remedy which is individually indicated. It is not in the province of home treatment. Success depends on the level of health one has to begin with, and the skill of the homoeopath. In the twilight of his life Louis Pasteur said that, “The germ is nothing; the state of the organism is everything.” We have to improve the vitality of our body’s defence mechanism, of which the immune system is a part.

People with chronic illness will most likely have a longer and more winding road back to an improved level of health. However, there are many useful dynamic remedies that we can use at home during a bout of acute illness. It is essential to know that the symptoms of the remedy must closely match the symptoms of the sick person. It is the similarity that makes a dynamic remedy into a Homśopathic one.

It is important to know that being able to raise a decent temperature is a sign of a strong immune system and is the body’s way of killing the invading micro organism, so don’t be in a hurry to suppress a fever with paracetamol, aspirin, calpol, etc.

Some anti flu measures:

Remember: The best preventative is to strengthen your general health with a dynamic constitutional remedy which is homśopathic to your case.

Make it a habit to wash your hands with soap and water when you return home from being in town.

Take vitamin C 1000 mgs at least once a day when you feel illness threatening, and continue to do so for as long as you feel you need to.

If you can’t match your symptoms to a remedy, try echinachea 15 drops twice or even 3x a day during the illness, or use a herbal tea (e.g. equal parts peppermint, elderflower, yarrow) 3x day to bring down the temperature naturally and relieve symptoms.

Rest Rest Rest! Do not exercise when you are sick. Wait until your energy returns. Your body has enough work to do when you are sick just dealing with the virus or bacteria.

Get enough fluids. Lemon and honey drinks are good.

Grandma was right to give you home made chicken soup. Sorry vegetarians!

Some people find cayenne pepper half a teaspoon full in hot water is good. Raw garlic is good too.

Some ‘flu remedies and their keynotes to consider if you are thinking of treating yourself or your loved ones are available to read on my website as a PDF, as space will not allow here. They are generally available at health food shops and some chemists in the 6th or 30th potencies, or may be obtained from your homśopath.

Winter Flu Remedies